Senior Men


Team Manager Simon Kinson


Final team selection in progress – to be confirmed over the weekend of 10th Feb.


Paul Andrew

Daniel Beier

Aaron Bodycote

Simon Bond

Noel Edwards

Graham Gristwood

Richard Harper

Paul Harwood

Scott Hazell

Nathan Holmes

Matthew Lole

John Muddeman

Jean Ndayisenga

Martin Radlak

Richard Taylor


Under 20 Men


Team Manager Nick Price


1.                     Lee Carey

2.                     Alistair Smith

3.                     Jagraj Shergill

4.                     Anthony Bird

5.                     Stephen Milner

6.                     Simon O’Meara

7.                     Ryan Kenny

8.                     Jason Harman

1st Res              Liam Kincald

2nd Res             Anthony Gray

3rd Res             James Lynch

4th Res             Adrian Palmer


Under 17 Men


Team Manager Nick Price


1.                     Lenny Shail

2.                     Greg Divall

3.                     Chris Bull

4.                     Nick Lyster

5.                     Chris Bannon

6.                     Steven Allen

7.                     Richard O’Donnell

8.                     Toby Spencer

1st Res              Matthew Timothy

2nd Res             Steven Blassberg

3rd Res             Michael Gibbs

4th Res             Sam Truelove


Under 15 Boys


Team Manager Doug MacDonald


1.                     Daniel Mills

2.                     Andrew Donaldson

3.                     Andrew Downing

4.                     Joshua Thompson

5.                     Jack Gray

6.                     William Stevens

7.                     Chris Pickering

8.                     Daniel Hillman

1st Res              Stuart McCaw

2nd Res             Lewis Morley

3rd Res             Daniel Sutton

4th Res             Luke Cleaver

Under 13 Boys


Team Manager Yvonne Parker


1                      Guy Allen

2                      Matthew Rose

3                      Sam Stern

4                      Nathan Gray

5                      Callum Hanlon

6                      Scott Allen

7                      Michael Jones

8                      Matthew Gimson

1st Res              Jamie Cozens

2nd Res             Michael McKeown

3rd Res             Alex Thompson

4th Res             Jack Webb


Senior Women


Team Manager Eddie Cockayne


1                      Laura Kenny

2                      Helen Finch

3                      Rebecca Sanders

4                      Myshola Kirkham

5                      Elizabeth Crawford

6                      Joanne Finch

7                      Monica Williamson

8                      Eleanor Greenfield

1st Res              Lucy Flanner


Under 20 Women


Team Manager Rob Pinton


1                      Olivia Kenney

2                      Amy Gibson

3                      Claire Tarplee

4                      Emma Lines

5                      Lizzie Walsh

6                      Holly O’Meara



Under 17 Women


Team Manager Rob Pinton


1                      Jordan Kinney

2                      Olivia Larcombe

3                      Sarah Davis

4                      Nicole Powell

5                      Megan Rothman

6                      Jenny Musgrave

7                      Rachel Chard

8                      Clare Hodgson

1st Res              Emma Overy

2nd Res             Georgina Holt

3rd Res             Sarah O’Connor

4th Res             Katie Hughes


Under 15 Girls


Team Manager Simon Gale


1                      Monique Powell

2                      Rowena Cole

3                      Amy Goodall

4                      Amy Johnson

5                      Lucy Routledge

6                      Sarah Hopcroft

7                      Emily Waugh

8                      Melissa Roberts

1st Res              Josie Parsons

2nd Res             Faye Barr

3rd Res             Beverley Cook

4th Res             Tania White




Under 13 Girls


Team Manager Brian Higson


1                      Rebecca Robinson

2                      Naomi Richardson

3                      Laura Muth

4                      Naomi O’Brien

5                      Alice Sadler

6                      Michelle Turner

7                      Megan Clements

8                      Courtney Archer-Clowes

1st Res             Hannah Morgan

2nd Res            Nicole Parsons

3rd Res            Jessica Freeman